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Why use AI to help with resume creation?

  • Better articulate your skills and experience.
  • Get feedback and identify gaps.
  • To proofread/review
  • To make your resume more compelling.

Chat GPT and Claude are language learning models that generate human-like text. They do a pretty good job, but it’s still new. While its responses are human-like, they still need your human touch to verify accuracy and use words that you would be comfortable/authentic using yourself.


Tailor Your Resume to Your Skills and the Role You Are Applying For

It can be overwhelming to start from scratch, adjust your resume to align with a company or highlight skills for different roles.

AI can quickly assess your skills and experiences, tailor them to the job requirements you’re applying for and connect them to the company’s values.

Use these two prompts to edit your resume or parts of your resume.


PROMPT (Skills):

“I’m providing you with an excerpt of my resume. Expand on my leadership skills for an electrical engineering management role and write it in a tone similar to the excerpt I provide. [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT]

PROMPT (Company):

I’m providing you with my resume. The company I am applying to has a drive for innovation and continuous improvement. Expand on my skills and experience in innovation and continuous improvement and write it in a tone similar to the excerpt I provide. [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT]

Get Feedback and Proof Your Resume

After you get your resume adjusted for the position or company, ask for two things:

  1. For feedback on any gaps
  2. To proofread your resume

PROMPT (Feedback):

Below is a job description and my resume; tell me if there are any gaps I might need to include. Job Description: [PASTE IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION] and here is my resume: [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT]


PROMPT (Proof):

Please proof my resume [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT].


Identifying and Highlighting Transferable Skills in Career Shifts

Especially when shifting industries or role advancement, Chat GPT can help identify and articulate transferable skills.

This process involves

  • Skill Mapping: Chat GPT can analyze your current skills and experiences, mapping them to the job requirements you’re applying for and highlighting how your existing skills are relevant.
  • Phrasing for Impact: By understanding the context of your career shift, Chat GPT can suggest ways to phrase your experiences that resonate with the new industry or role, making your application more compelling.

PROMPT (Transferable Skills):

Here is my resume and the job description for a new role in a different industry. Please help identify and articulate my transferable skills in a way that aligns with this new role. [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT and NEW JOB DESCRIPTION].

Formatting Resume for Applicant Tracking

Many recruiters and companies use software to scan, sort, track, and rank resumes. Developing a resume that holds up to this is important, especially if you are applying through online systems without having a personal point of contact to follow up with.

PROMPT (ATS-Friendly Formatting):

“Please review my resume for ATS compatibility. Advise on formatting changes to ensure it’s easily readable by applicant tracking systems. [PASTE IN YOUR RESUME TEXT]”

AI can help develop and modify your resume more easily (and quickly) for various roles you may apply to. AI is best used to identify areas in job descriptions you may be missing by reading them, diversifying your language choices, and developing summaries for your roles using impactful language.

AI can also help with formatting.

While I advocate for leveraging technology, there should still be an ample amount of your voice/tone woven throughout your resume to give it a human touch.

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