A client recently shared that when their organization got some new business, the company took nearly a year to advertise, hire and onboard a new project manager position.

Then, within a few months, the new hire didn’t work out and they had to start all over to find someone new.

1. The process of hiring a project manager was delayed due to several factors.

2. The department head took some time to create the job description for the new position.

3. Additionally, the HR department was already swamped with filling other higher-ranking positions, which delayed the job advertisement posting.

4. When the ad was finally posted on a major hiring website, the company received a flood of applications, all of which required attention and time to sort through.

This is not about assigning blame but acknowledging the multiple factors contributing to the delay. Which are all very common.

In the meantime, the client’s department suffered.

 Everyone had to take on a piece of the missing project manager’s workload, adding stress and frustration to an already busy department. One employee cited the increased workload and left the company. Another threatened the same. Everyone in the department was suffering from ‘burnout’.

Using a recruitment firm can save a great deal of uncertainty, hassle and employee dissatisfaction. It saves time and as we know, that equals money.

What to Look for in a Recruitment Firm.

There are a number of recruitment firms in the mining ecosphere, but here’s what to look for to maximize your time and get the right people into your company quickly.

Find a company showcasing their search consultants, one active in the mining industry and its professional organizations. Those companies will have the pulse of the industry.

Look for a recruitment company that has a significant history in the industry. At MRC, we’ve been laser-focused on resource recruitment for 40 years. We track every contact we make, update them regularly and keep nearly 100,000 clients and candidates in our database.  We don’t just scrape social media for keywords. We know candidates’ personal histories, their specialties and their workplace motivations.

Why Choose MRC Recruiting?

Conversely, we’ve worked with mining companies big and small for the same four decades and know their histories, workplace environments and the employee personality styles that fit with them.

Because of those relationships, we can typically render candidates within about a week. Yes, you read that right. A week. When we quickly help surface the best candidates, your company remains deft and agile.

But it’s more than that.

MRC is as full-service as you want us to be.

We can do it all with a new or small company, including writing position descriptions or performing background checks, reference checks and education verification. We can act as a sounding board or sit as an interview panelist. We can be with you through the entire process.

If you’re a larger company or have been around a while, you may only need certain services from us. Some clients ask us to weed through Indeed or LinkedIn applications. It can be an arduous task, but one that MRC can take off your shoulders.

And we’re not shy. If your budget doesn’t allow, we can coach you how to do it yourself.

Our key attribute is flexibility.

MRC wants to always be a resource as companies build their teams. Our reputation speaks for itself. We save clients from making expensive hiring mistakes.

If you’re looking to hire your next team member, MRC can help connect with us.

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