The U.S. economy is weak, or perhaps it isn’t. Our banking system is in trouble unless it’s not. Trade inequities hurt American companies but may also bolster them.

The everyday news is full of contradictions, and it’s sometimes difficult to divine a situation’s absolute tenor if there is only one.

What is absolutely true, though, is that mining and gold are through the roof when the economy is weak. You don’t have to be a trained economist to recognize that mining is booming right now.

In fact, now may be the best time in decades to become part of the resource network. It’s a place you, perhaps underutilized or unfulfilled in your current field, could make a huge difference.


The pressures on everyday people to move faster, further, with more precision and to do it inexpensively has rendered mining smack dab in the middle of the Venn diagram of things our culture wants, needs and the speed at which we must have it.

The middle is a great place to be.  


Precious metals are solid investments right now and it’s one of the main focal points of mining. 

Higher gas prices generally equal higher energy prices, and both are all over the map right now. Mining is at the crux.

The entire auto industry is racing to produce the fastest, cleanest EVs with the longest range. Again, rare-earth metals are at the core of those technologies. 

Long-life batteries for home solar capture are in constant demand. And oh, yeah, they require mined lithium.

Do I sound a little bit like a cheerleader? You bet I am. The future is stunningly bright, and we have an electrifying opportunity (see what I did there?) to bring new talent into the mining sphere. I’m not saying mining alone is the panacea for the entire planet and satisfying the worldwide need is easy, but mining is an enormous part of the global economy. Finding bright, innovative talent is paramount.

Sitting in your current industry, you may not know much about traditional mining, but don’t think for a second that you can’t contribute to the shift the resource industry has seen in the past few years. Newly required skill sets are added to the industry almost daily. Yours might be one of them. With high salaries, promotion opportunities and ever-changing technologies now is the perfect time to explore a jump into the resource industry. MRC can help. 

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